Adobe + Edelman & G2

Concepts for campaigns and tactical projects. Ranging across email, AIR apps, landing pages, and concepts for the new media landscape of the Creative Cloud.

San Francisco

Application Download AIR.

During downloading an application there is a period of time that Adobe was seeking to leverage with a fun way to access their library of videos. This was my version of a fun and quick quiz to find out what type of video will work best for you. 

Made Possible.

Campaign ideas leading that show a new generation of creative designers that are using Adobe products to create the new. Mixing up the tools and creating new products in new ways. 

Adobe Photoshop Download Quiz.

While downloading the product this quiz would present customised videos for you to preview and prepare.

Acrobat 9.

EDM’s for a marketing campaign for Acrobat 9.

Photoshop CS5.

EDM’s for a marketing campaign for Photoshop.

Flash Builder 4.

EDM’s for a marketing campaign.

Flash Builder 4 Premium.

EDM’s for a marketing campaign.