We buy with our eyes

Improving sales tools by leveraging the iPad in sales staffs hands. Putting the product catalogue onto the device but in doing so address the pain points that impact sales. Featuring filters that enable segmented views of the product range to suit different businesses. Additionally deep levels of product data are directly available, and materials can be emails from the app directly to the customers – both delivering on customer requirements and flowing additional information into CRM systems.


Details matter

Entering a 9 digital alphanumeric code to order a part required levels of attention that invited human error. As part of my design skin I suggested the inclusion of a picture. To enable a quick check on when you tried to order a tire and accidentally were about to request a fuel filter.


Faster & Deeper Understanding

Improving the rapid understanding of key product data in a fast purchasing moment. With the goal to reduce incorrect purchase of products. The images were then loaded into retail supermarkets.