Vision First.
Next strategic plan to get there.

Apple Watch – Minimal Time 

The personal nature of a device ‘worn’ every day demands customization. It demands personalization. It naturally is an expression of you and the watch face you choose is part of your persona. So why wouldn’t you want one that is more in line with your aesthetic and style, so when I grew tired of the standard and wanted more, this happened. It’s a minimal way of telling time – and truly more about the passing of time that the instant answer. It should be beautiful to look at in a way that makes you pause and sense your breath.

Simple grid. Divided into Hours (on the left) and minutes (on the right) with a floating second indicator that takes 60 seconds to move from top to bottom. There is a place for complication at the top and bottom or they can be turned off for the ultra-minimal look. Color can be adjusted to match band or to intentionally not match but contrast.

Philips – Next Simplicity

Once a decade Philips presents its’ view of the future (of consumer electronics). I was invited to travel to the headquarters to work on concepts for entertainment, lighting, and health.

30 Designers from within Philips were selected and traveled to Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Tasked with the ‘future vision’ of consumer electronics we focused on ideas, concepts while visiting the R&D department and consulting with leadership on the vision. Our concepts were reviewed and presented each week, when we finally moved forward we worked with the model department. The team reviewed raw models and then gave direction. Then the project moved to prototypes, these were then toured as a representation of the vision to select clients of Philips. The exhibition traveled to London, Paris, New York, and Shanghai.

Work: Philips

Above examples of sketching, work rooms full of ideas and designs, the team required to bring this to life, foam product mockups.

Apple Watch – Mechanical Time

Sometimes the standard is not enough. You want refinement, style and a uniqueness that allows you to set your own course.

Telstra – AIR notifications

Extending the ability to get online in a cost-effective manner through the use of FREE WiFi locations.