Business must take advantage of new and innovative ways to measure and plan for success. 

Theory of Change

Developing a plan to analysis

Defining the components, planing your activities, expect the outputs, define the impact. Then share the plan with a Vision and Mission statement.

Platforming Products

Developing the future of your products.

Understand the components of your products, then map them to understand what is driving customer engagement and joy. Combining “platforming of products” and “customer needs analysis” – the opportunities for improvement rise to the top. Build on this with strategic transformation of your product business plan: this allows you to better focus on delivering product growth, while being hyper-aware of what is meeting customer needs.

Identify Potential Markets

Explore new potential opportunities

Creating a map of potential markets for a product is a strategic move that can significantly enhance business growth. It enables the identification and prioritize of segments with the highest demand and growth potential, allowing for targeted marketing efforts and resource allocation.

Who is involved in Product Development

Understanding & Supporting Connections

Many people can be involved in Product Creation and Delivery. Mapping them to understand the connections enables both the understanding of complexity but also the opportunity to access gaps.
Overlaying the effort levels enables greater understanding of resource requirements to improve allocation and staffing the correct skills.

Success with Stakeholders

Understanding influence requirements

Starting out – the need to understand who is working with who, how they need to be looped in, what level of attention they are giving and the ultimate influence they can bring – helps you to navigate towards success.

Product Platforming

Delivering a financial solution to growth

Deeply understanding the connections that exist between components, the flow of data, and the logical structures that exist – enables the unlocking of value potential. Scaling operations into a platform model requires smart thinking, creative thinking, and an openness to design lead solutions.

Education & Certification

ISSUED – May 2024 – Grade: 99.33%

MIT Professional Education
Designing Product Families: From Strategy to Implementation

ISSUED – February 2024 – Grade: 100%

MIT Professional Education
Leadership & Innovation

In Progress

Chief Product Officer
December 2023 – December 2024