I have worked in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Melbourne, Portland, San Francisco, Singapore, Spartanburg, Sydney and Taipei.

At a certain point, you need to focus on Management or Design Practice - asking for one person to lead both is splitting a diamond. The result is a compromise, no matter which angle you look at it.

Director of Customer Experience | Ross Stewart Design

Melbourne, AU
Creative & Experience lead for projects ranging from mobile apps, outdoor signage, website design, UX wireframes for campaigns to in-store retail touch screen applications.

Creative Experience Director | Precedent

Melbourne, AU | Contract
Creative & Experience lead for the Melbourne office. Instrumental in winning business (National Election Council) and delivering content strategy for the Austin Hospital / Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Centre. I led user research sessions including workshops and interviews with cancer patients.

User Experience Specialist | Telstra

Melbourne, AU | Contract
UX project led for a wide range of internal clients. Ranging from e-commerce cart reconfiguration to internal marketing system GUI to wholesale bandwidth self-help to mobile access to wifi. The projects required different levels of wireframes and design, there was a heavy requirement to present the work to stakeholders, regulators and legal & privacy teams to ensure our work complied with the set goals.

Creative Director, Experience Design | SapientNitro

San Francisco, USA
18-months working on-site at Sony. Leading the UX track for the Global Web Transformation Project. Producing product strategy documents for review by Tokyo, hundreds of wireframes, a wireframe system to enable all UX staff to produce wireframes that leveraged the same elements, and oversaw staff from SapientNitro and Sony. Additional projects included humanizing product naming, developing a strategy for product search results, creating photography and animation content.

Senior Art Director | Organic

San Francisco, USA | Contract
Concepts for Intel in-store product promotion - decided that as the products featured a touchscreen (new at the time) that a great way to communicate the uniqueness of a product with a touchscreen was to have people try it. I pitched putting games on the computers. Games that people already knew how to play so they could without fear give them a try. Intel loved the idea and from the first meeting said yes. I went on to design and direction the build of 2 games for use in-store.
I was asked to return after the games were finished to work on a social project for Intel and devised a quiz - What type of Ultrabook are you. This was popular and was seeded with bloggers to grow the viral reach of the fun way to find out how your personality can guide you to the right Ultrabook for you.

Associate Creative Director | RG/A

San Francisco, USA | Contract
Concepts for the launch of Windows 8. Extensive exploration into the way of working with Windows 8 and how it was a radical departure from Windows 7. Core idea was to target the users of the Beta that were critical and work with them to show how they could go from confusion to power user rapidly - target platform YouTube.

Associate Creative Director / Art Director | Various Agencies

San Francisco, USA
Edelman Digital - Concepts for Adobe and PayPal. Adobe - focused on the evolution of the creative and the redefinition of what a "modern creative" looks like - no longer a single application specialist instead now a multi-application generalist. PayPal - the new way to shop and share, save time with the forward planning that apps with PayPal integrated can provide.
Luxus - Concept that turned into a print, outdoor, in-store and online campaign to explain how using a Nokia is (was) far simpler than the competitor products for email. Circa 2009
G2 - Designs for EDM's for Adobe, concepts for product activations. Print designs for Cunard brochure.

V.P. Group Creative Director | Carat

San Francisco, USA
Managing a full-time creative team of 16 - including CD, ACD, AD, CW, designers and front end developers. Responsible for turning around the Adidas Basketball client to recommit to the agency for the next year. Co-managing the P&L on the Adidas Golf account.

Associate Creative Director | Razorfish

San Francisco, USA

Senior Art Director | Clemenger BBDO

Melbourne, AU
Ideas for digital advertising. Sketching ideas, pitching them, designing them and then directing the studio team to create them. Additionally I created the showreel for the agency that pulled together the work from the past year into a 2 1/2 minute reel.

Associate Creative Director, Digital | Cummings & Partners

Melbourne, AU
Ideas for the Virgin Atlantic winning pitch. Digital lead for Virgin Blue.

Interaction Art Director | Philips Design

Singapore, SG
Interfaces for TV, audio and remote control products. On-screen-display interfaces for TV. Remote control interfaces for small screen (as feedback) to full-touch interfaces.


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