Human nature is at the core of designing great products.

At a high level, this is feeling, seeing, sharing, measuring. For success, we need low-level simplicity centered around human thoughts and actions.

Ross Stewart. What & Why - The details that matter.


participant • presenter

In 2013 the Adobe Photoshop team visited me to understand how I used the product. Previously I have been a Beta Tester for Macromedia (now Adobe) Director and a test user for Strava & Klout.


UX • copy

To provide improved clarity when making a decision between different but similar items in a search result we reviewed and provided guidance on how to use a structure that would enable product differences to become apparent.

Pen & Paper

Sometimes the fastest way to work things out is with the simplest of tools. The basic pen/pencil and paper. Quickly sketch, rearrange, layout, move around and adjust. 

Responsive Wireframes

UX • design

How modules and media behave on different devices matters – make a plan and test it. 


To bring ideas to life a prototype is a great way to experience the product before it’s built or commitments are made. It enables a much greater range of feedback from business stakeholders and users.

Prototypes can range from simple clickable HTML pages to interactive clickable pages to animated series to movies.

Detailed Wireframes

Going well beyond a simple wireframe! As the team at Sony / SapientNitro became integrated and developed a deep level of trust our process evolved. The page for this BRAVIA TV started as a straight forward wire, with modules basic illustrations and head lines. Then as we moved forward the zones that related to the previous strategy document were highlighted. And then finally I added the media options and module variations.

Work: Sony


The display of Wi-Fi hotspots on a mobile device. It was important to not show signal strength but to only depict quantity of locations. We dealt with issues related to privacy and government regulations in how we could show locations.

Work: Telstra

Internal Systems

Re-design of the interface that allows customers to purchase bandwidth for events.

Work: Telstra


Expanding the ability of the existing shopping cart to enable purchasing of more than 1 product at a time. Included the following product combinations – mobile, internet connection or SIM card. I created wireframes for both desktop and mobile versions of the cart. 

Work: Telstra