Invite Experience

An idea that was “One More Thing” in a presentation deck quickly become a big YES.

2 touch-screen games. Designed to invite users to experience the benefit of the new touchscreen laptops. Installed on computers in Best Buy and other computer retailers.


Win the chance to race for $100,000

An engaging game that testing skill in ducking, and weaving all while carrying a cup of beer. The person that managed to get to the finish line fastest with enough beer in their cup won a place in the actual race. The actual foot race had 18 people run while holding a beer. The first across the line with 75% of beer in the cup won $100,000.


7 days to create a game!

From brief to delivery, it took only 7 days ( 7 long days ) to create this game for an agency in the UK. I created the design, sound, code and managed client reviews and changes. 

The result – the agency won the account.


Celebrating Football

A fun game that involved skills to advance to the final round, the key was to do a celebration dance. I worked on the wireframes, and the gameplay to ensure the level of challenge was reflective of the skill required.