Intel + Organic

Thinking beyond the brief, to create ideas and products that create meaningful experiences. Including 2 touch-screen games, a social quiz, and various graphic projects.

San Francisco

Interactive Games. Designed to engage and, through experience, understand the value of a touch screen. This was a great example of thinking beyond the brief and looking for the best way to connect the audience with the product. 

Quick Touch

Touch Match. 

Social Quiz. Designed to match you with an Ultrabook. 

Found your Ultrabook, then share it and have your friends give their opinion or take the test themselves. 

Behind a simple idea is a complex flow to ensure the results match the users answers.

A series of sponsored blog posts ensured the message was spread wide and would reach the right audience. 

Image editing. Adjusting the image to bring it more inline with the Intel brand. Major adjustment to the plane and the addition of new graphics. 



Interface Elements