National Fitness Campaign

National Fitness Campaign + Ross Stewart Design

The campaign to bring free access to fitness equipment to communities across America and the world.

San Francisco

Mobile Fitness App

A companion app designed to be used on the Fitness Court. It guides you through a 7-minute workout with voice instructions and uses your music for background. The app also allows you to step it up with 14 and 21-minute options. Instructional videos are included so you can see how to do the different exercises.

Outdoor instructional graphics.

Illustrations for the signage on the Fitness court. Designed to guide users in how to use the 7 stations. Each panel featured 3 exercises with the simplest one being the largest so people could start there and then switch to variations shown or make up their own.


Showcasing the Fitness Court and the campaign to bring free fitness to communities across America and the World.