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Does the future of AI need separate compute for tokens, separate from LLM processing to allow for increases in complexity as user prompt complexity expands?

Currently studying at MIT – Chief Product Officer – Professional Education

Designing the X: Ideas to Action – Masterclass with Prof. Svafa Grönfeldt – April 9, 2024 – Boston

Organizations that leverage Design do better! No surprise but great to see solid numbers to prove the point.

Roadmapping the Future – Masterclass with Prof. Olivier de Weck – April 10, 2024. Boston

Diving in to the Bréguet Range Equation and understanding why the Albatross is so amazing for flight – hint: it has an aspect ratio of about 15 and an L/D of 23

Digital Platforms and Two Sided Markets – Masterclass with Dr. Bruce Cameron – April 9, 2024. Boston

The goal of and value derived from Two-Sided Markets, is special and we explored the existing TSM and looked at emerging TSMs. 

Generative AI for Design and Manufacturing – Masterclass with Wojciech Matusik – April 11, 2024. Boston

Super complex demonstration that at first seemed impossible to understand but on further looking it became clear what and how it was working. It became clear that power exists to use structure to explore variation – interesting potential in medical and drug development.

Professional Examples – Design / Interface / Hardware / Games / Advertising

April 11, 2024

Onsite at MIT Boston as part of the Chief Product Officer Program. Design is Everywhere A challenging session. At first,...

April 9, 2024

Onsite at MIT Boston as part of the Chief Product Officer Program. Most Markets are single sided. An eye-opening class...