Next Simplicity – Illusion – Mercury. A media centre for the whole room, bringing the element of magic to it’s function.

Next Simplicity – Illusion – Wand. Enabling gestures to control devices. 

Remote Control Form Factor Study. Exploring the different potential ways to design a universal remote control.

Gesture Remote Study. Examining the ways that natural gestures could be used to control devices via a remote control.

Physical Prototyping. I created a physical space where a user could test a TV On-screen-display via a remote control. The TV was connected to a computer and that computer was connected to an IR receiver. The flash app I built would translate the button press on the remote control and convert it to a menu action on the TV. 

TV Welcome Screen. It’s simple but the process of getting to simple is complex. With stakeholders from TV, Marketing & Design departments it’s a balancing act to guide work through the company. 

Acer UI Workshop. Working and guiding the design team at Acer to help them understand the value of a coordinated series of UI’s across their product range.