Simplot Australia is a diverse business that is driven by a passion for great food. Our portfolio includes more than 1,500 different food products that we offer the Australian retail and foodservice markets. These range from balanced meals, convenient frozen vegetables, tasty pasta sauces and nutritious seafood to fun snack foods.


As the Digital Design & User Experience Lead, my role covers a wide range of products including retail website; e-commerce integrations with supermarkets; iPad applications; internal systems and platforms.

Brand Creation

Balancing risk with potential is key to bringing a new brand to market.

Plant-based protein products are growing and this offers exciting potential for Simplot. As research for this project, we visited a range of restaurants to sample products, then returning to the Simplot kitchens to try samples. 


Telling a story in 6 seconds. Creating an appetite for food, with brand placement and iconic branding elements.

Pitching the concept, drawing the storyboards, to directing the photoshoots, culinary team and models, to animating the videos.


Supporting marketing campaigns across digital touchpoints.


Corporate triathlon kit design – leveraging Simplot’s well known retail brands to improve knowledge and understand of the company.


iPad app designed to improve the abilities of the sales staff. Putting product filters, recipes, hero videos and access to product PDFs within a few swipes enable faster reactions to customer needs.

Empowering Sales staff to provide more answers for customers; giving them a wider range of tools; adding recipes to the product to enable combo-sales (multiple products at once). 


Connecting the digital dots between the manufacturer and retail supermarkets.

Integrations with retail partners enable conversations around the planning of product stocking in supermarkets.


Simple access to functional content – 3000+ recipes created with Simplot’s products.

The Culinary Team provides unique insight into the recipes. Custom collections are created around either a brand or an occasion. 


Fast and efficient, icons are communication without words.