8-month contract with Telstra to lead the UX for a wide range of projects from mobile apps, to B-to-B interfaces, to modifying the shopping cart to enable multiple-product purchasing within a single transaction. As part of this role, I utilized a 3rd party to conduct user research into concepts around the purchase of internet connections.

UX products for Australia's leading telecommunications provider.

IP Self Serve B-to-B interface. The interface for a wholesale B-to-B product that sells bandwidth for events. To reduce the workload of the call center to support this product I was engaged to redesign the user flow of the product. I conducted researched into how the product functions and where issues might arise. This was of assistance in understanding and redesigning the flow to improved the self-help aspect of the product. Additionally, I wrote a range of instructional copy to progressively answer questions when moving through the forms.

AIR App – Mobile Wifi Hotspots. How do you show availability of hotspots without implying coverage or signal strength. This is the challenge I wrestled with for this Telstra AIR project. We worked closely with the product team, the regulation & privacy team to fine tune a solution that addressed the complex needs of the project. 

Wifi AIR Guest Pass. Creating a simple purchase path to get online, mobile version.

24/7 Mobile App. Exploring a way to enable more self-service in understanding personal data use.

Ecom Cart Revisions. Adjusting the cart functionality to accommodate multiple products within a single purchase.

NBN Landing Page. Exploring streamlining the page and product offering.