Managing and influencing brand perception through crafted experiences.

Understanding the strategy and displaying empathy for the user is where UX lives. It’s between things, it’s complex and it’s important. It’s also misunderstood and ignored. While it’s always existed, it’s only been known to the few. In the last 15 years, it’s come into the open – designers, businesses, and customers are aware and understand. Now customers believe in the value of experiences, they show disdain for bad and love the good!



Workshops. Group Learning
Adobe Photoshop team visit. Watching me use Photoshop to see how I use it and understand my challenges with the software. Previously a Beta Tester for Macromedia Director and Test User for Strava & Klout.

 Simple Sitemap. Bingle Car Insurance.
A visual plan of a product. It could show the structure of a website(as seen above) or it be used to understand an app, interface, game flow, etc.

Complex Wireframe – NAB Celebration Dance. 
The visual plan for an online game. Showing the complexity of a simple game, includes legal, animations, player selection, level of difficulty, in-game play, instructions, and results.

Wireframe Responsive Module. Sony. Triluminos.
An interactive module designed to show the benefit of a TV with a Triluminos display versus one without. Using both the quality of the on-screen image and the color bar across the bottom to emphasize the smoother range of colors that are enabled with the technology.

Hot Spot Location. Telstra – AIR
The display of Wi-Fi hotspots on a mobile device. It was important to not show signal strength but to only depict quantity of locations. We dealt with issues related to privacy and government regulations in how we could show locations.



Self-service GUI
Re-design of the interface that allows customers to purchase bandwidth for events.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart
Modification of the shopping cart to enable multiple products to be purchased during a single transaction. Wireframes for both desktop and mobile experiences.