Touch Screen Games

Using a new feature enables understanding 100x better than reading about it. So to have potential buyers try it (the newly introduced touch-screen on Intel Inside laptops), I proposed a series of games that would be perfect to try the product. Intel loved the idea. #beyondthebrief

Triathlon Kit

Racing kit for 50 employees for the Summer Corporate Triathlon. Designed to promote the company while hi-lighting the brands that have most visibility.

Adobe AIR App

While downloading an application i.e. Photoshop there could be a period of 10-30 mins where the user is waiting. To fill that time in an engaging manner I designed this sequence of questions that were presented in an engaging manner to led the user to a curated selection of videos. The process was quick and the majority of the time could be spent learning about the software being downloaded or about broader concepts of design and animation.

Sony. Product Extension. Photographer Profiles

Extending the product to the experience-of-use. Showcasing the people who use the product and highlighting the products results. Additional UX work was required around the navigation to enable this to launch people into different areas that were related.

Telstra NBN

As a proactive move, I proposed a re-design of the NBN (National Broadband Network) product page, after discussion with the product owners they agreed to make funding available for this project.

National Fitness Campaign

A national and international program to bring free fitness to communities. Outdoor signage on the fitness court, including instructional illustrations and court markings to define zones. This was extended with a mobile app, website, t-shirts, social, and event support.