Experience Design


Speaker at: CX Workshop: Survival of the Fittest, Education First. Lecturer in Creative Interaction covering Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash & Director. Beta Tester for Adobe, Strava & Klout.


Sometimes the fastest way to work things out is with the simplest of tools. The basic pen/pencil and paper. Quickly sketch, rearrange, layout, move around and adjust.


Going well beyond a simple wireframe! The team from SapientNitro that was onsite with Sony developed a deep level of trust allowing our process to evolve. The page for this BRAVIA TV started as a simple wireframe, with basic modules, illustrations and headlines. As we moved forward I integrated the color guidance from my previous Strategy docs – allowing for the remote team in Japan to follow the stories as they developed into a web page. Finally, I added known logos, media options and module variations.

Responsive Module Design

Using the flexibility of modules to tell product stories.

Responsive Web

How modules and media behave on different devices matters – make a plan and test it.

User Journeys

Creating simple flows to explain how users arrive at our web pages.