The Fitness Court

The National Fitness Campaign brings free fitness to America. With the first court opening in San Francisco in 2012, I was instrumental in the creation of the building blocks of the program.

iPhone app, outdoor signage, website, promotional materials, design mockups for sponsors

Fitness Courts are now open across America including Henderson, CA. Westfield, IN. Janesville, WI. Avon, OH. McFarland, CA. Okmulgee, OK. Pensacola, FL. With 20 courts open or planned.

Instructional Signage

Visual aids for the 7 stations of the Fitness Court. Each with 3 options shown the largest being the easiest.


Promotional Materials

T-shirts, Posters, Emails, Flyers.

Fitness Court design wraps

Coca-Cola,FedEx, Louis Vuitton, Redbull, Safeway.