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For 5 years I drove the growth of the OPSWAT’s Product Design. Delivering improvements across Interface, Customer Response, Accessibility, Design Systems, and Team Growth. We launched 4 new products and I was the lead for user experience, including design and product flow. I grew the team from 2 offices to 5, building teams that had a connection to the local office as well as an understanding of global goals. We managed the portfolio of products as it grew from single digits to over 20 products.

Controlling Secure Environment Data Flow

OPSWAT NetWall 2022 – Rebrand • Hardware

A product acquired with the acquisition of Bayshore in 2021. The product was rebranded, reboxed and ready for OPSWAT customers. The NetWall is a uni/bi-directional firewall to enable control of data moving between zones of different security levels in a controlled manner.

Media Protection at Point of Entry

MetaDefender Kiosk Linux / New Product 2021 Updated 2024 • Software • Hardware

With a clean sheet this product, different from the Windows version, allowed for a fresh interface style. Reimagined as a simple clean interface. Improved usability with alignment to touchscreen fundamentals to reduce error rates and ensure only positive interactions.

Continuous Company Education

OPSWAT Design Team & Global Company

With over 600 people in the company and less than 10% trained as designers, there was a great opportunity to infuse the hundreds of decisions occurring each week with knowledge of Usability, Design, and Interaction best practices. I presented at company meetings, visited global offices, and spoke to non-designers to educate on how and why users react to the choices that are made. The goal to improve the quality of products produced and released.

Strategies to Manage Risk

Leadership • Management • Growth

Small details can derail big plans. The impact of choice is important to continue to talk about so people understand they are responsible for outcomes when they make decisions. The aim was to continue to educate team members at all levels to give them insight into how actions affect customers, which can in turn affect the support team, the sales team, the product team, and the executives.


DIN Rack dependability to ensure threat prevention

OPSWAT NetWall 2022 – Rebrand • Hardware

The second product from the Acquisition of Bayshore. A DIN-rail diode device, allowing controlled flow of data between different level secure environments.

MetaDefender Cloud

MetaDefender Cloud / New Product 2019 • Software • Hardware

Designed to make it simple to process files to understand potential threats within files and URLs. The product combined multiscanning with CDR, DLP and Sandbox to deliver a comprehensive suite of threat detection technologies to catch a higher % of incoming threats.

V2 Protection of Laptops & Servers

MetaDefender Drive LCD / New Product 2024 – Leadership • Management • Growth

Major revision to the product, new form factor, and upgraded software. After 4 years of in-market testing, customer feedback, and continuous development the new product was greatly enhanced. It offered improved flexibility, more technologies to assess threats and faster processing.

Strategies to Manage Risk

MetaDefender Drive / NEW Product 2019 – • Software • Hardware

Completely new product – a product that changes the way that customers can address the incoming threats. This new product tackles portable hardware coming into organizations by allowing the processing of data contained within the device without any threat entering. Extending the ways OPSWAT can deliver its technology to customers to address another threat vector with known technology.

Launched an Amazon store to stock and sell the product. It was offered in 2 different varieties, with different number and brand of A/V Engines.

Culture & Brand

OPSWAT SWAG – Design • Coordination

I built a growing collection of swag that was used for major moments in an employees time with OPSWAT. From day 1 where they were given a bag filled with stickers, pens, and books to new year bonuses that could include upgraded bags and new t-shirts.

Unique Experiences

OPSWAT Partner Gifts – Design • Logistics

I created limited-edition gifts for customers and partners. These were generally low run from 10-30 items, so very exclusive and not available for the general employees.Gifts included bags, clothing and stickers.

Experience and Understand

CyberLab – Product Experience Lab

Bringing the full range of products together to enable demonstrations of how they work, connect, and protect against cyber threats. The CyberLab enabled Malware to be injected and show the ‘demo’ city being shut down, also a range of OT PLC / HMI devices could be targeted for hacking attacks. Customer were able to experience the way the OPSWAT product range operated and explore the potential configuration and data transfer options that were enabled with multiple products. The CyberLab proved to be a wonderful demonstration of the products, these were built in multiple offices to allow customers to visit and experience the power of OPSWAT Solutions.

Cybersecurity Education

OPSWAT Academy / New Program 2020 – Design • Guidance

Supporting the launch of Academy a training platform for cybersecurity education. Additional brand, creative, and usability direction was required across various projects including: Re-platforming the Product Documentation; launching a Partner Portal; Salesforce support system updates, and more.

Platforming for Financial Gain

MetaDefender Kiosk – 2024 – Platforming • Product Management

The previous versions of the Kiosk product used different code bases and had developed different interface structures, that were very different. I proposed to align the interfaces into a single system to make supporting the product 100% better. This would simplify the effort to create new screens or launch new functions. All designers working on the Kiosk would use the same Figma Design System reducing the potential for errors cutting the QA time and meeting accessibility goals.

Context-aware Products

Product Packaging Program – Cost Reduction • Environmental Impact

A system of design consistency – strong brand elements, single color print, standard brown packaging. Reducing the previous multi-color and white packaging to reduce the environmental impact. After studying the audience receiving the products – the system was refined to indicate who it’s from, why it’s important and continue the brand messaging. The brand lines were printed as dots to allow a lighter appearance while maintaining a single color print.

Educational Gifts

OPSWATopoly / End-of-Year Gift – Design • Coordination • Logistics

A team of 4 worked to create a fun gift for the employees and customers. Every detail was customized, we each picked 2 tokens for the gameplay, the cards were customized to cybersecurity and OPSWAT products, and the board was also based on OPSWAT products so contributed to the experience. The game was well received by both employees and customers.

Marketing Cybersecurity Website – Design • Management • Growth

Leading design across the website for 2 years – balancing the stakeholders, the technology limitations, and the marketing direction. Evolving the website structure as we launched 4 products during the 2 years. New products required multiple assets to be delivered and made available to web and marketing teams.