Touchscreen Games – because experience drives understanding; I designed an experience to invite use.

Using a new feature enables understanding 100x better than reading about it. So to have potential buyers try it (the newly introduced touch-screen on Intel Inside laptops), I proposed a series of games that would be perfect to try the product. Intel loved the idea. #beyondthebrief


Understanding the potential, incumbents, market place & consumer – allows for bold moves.

Participating through the process of customer safari’s, Naming Workshops, brand attribute workshops, design workshops and packaging mockups – all to arrive at a solid structure for the introduction of a new product.


Brands live across different experiences and devices. Telling a complex story requires understanding of each chapter.

The National Fitness Campaign brings free fitness to America. With the first court opening in San Francisco in 2012, I was instrumental in the creation of the building blocks of the program. Deliverables include an iPhone app, outdoor signage, website, promotional materials, design mockups for sponsors


Connecting the dots between companies while enabling users choice.

Enabling the connection of Simplot’s retail websites to Australian supermarkets; the strategic aim of this was to enable conversations around how we can continue to support their e-commerce goals. 


Leverage awareness of Simplot’s retail brands to elevate the Simplot brand.

The Simplot racing kit for 50 employees for the Summer Corporate Triathlon.


$23 million in sales, 400 cars, less than 10 days. Highly effective websites are designed around clear communication of product differentiation and value. 

Adobe AIR App

While downloading an application i.e. Photoshop there could be a period of 10-30 mins where the user is waiting. To fill that time in an engaging manner I designed this sequence of questions that were presented in an engaging manner to led the user to a curated selection of videos. The process was quick and the majority of the time could be spent learning about the software being downloaded or about broader concepts of design and animation.


Design & UX for various projects: WiFi phone app heat map, event signup, self-service bandwidth purchase, broadband purchase web flow, online cart modification.