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Research & Workshops

Speaker at: CX Workshop: Survival of the Fittest, Education First. Lecturer in Creative Interaction covering Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash & Director. Beta Tester for Adobe, Strava & Klout.

Language Clarity

To provide improved clarity when making a decision between different but similar items in a search result we reviewed and provided guidance on how to use a structure that would enable product differences to become apparent.

Pen & Paper

Sometimes the fastest way to work things out is with the simplest of tools. The basic pen/pencil and paper. Quickly sketch, rearrange, layout, move around and adjust. 

Responsive Wireframes

Designing for different use cases, to ensure the best experience on each device. 

Hyper-Detailed Wireframes

Going well beyond a simple wireframe! The team from SapientNitro that was onsite with Sony developed a deep level of trust allowing our process to evolved. The page for this BRAVIA TV started as a simple wireframe, with basic modules, illustrations and headlines. As we moved forward I integrated the color guidance from my previous Strategy docs – allowing for the remote team in Japan to follow the stories as they developed into a web page. Finally I added known logos, media options and module variations.

User Flow

Visualizing user flows to understand how users arrive and where they go. 

Responsive Module Design

Using the flexibility of modules to tell product stories.

Self-Service Interface

Interface re-design to allow greater understanding and confidence in self-serving to buy expanded bandwidth for large gaming / media events.


The headline that was described as ‘genius’ by the team in Tokyo. This opened the door to a copywriting strategy workshop with the local team in Japan.

iPad Wireframes

Wireframes that detail the different sections of the app, the interaction and the connections. 

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To bring ideas to life a prototype is a great way to experience the product before it’s built or commitments are made. It enables a much greater range of feedback from business stakeholders and users.

Prototypes can range from simple clickable HTML pages to interactive clickable pages to animated series to movies.