Fun and engagement – smart business tactics

Unique and interesting content will drive social interactions. Defining ‘interesting’ is slightly challenging in an ultra-fast-moving space like social. The challenge is clear but the reward can be game-changing when you get it right.

Intel Games

2 touch-screen games. Designed to experience, experience the benefit of the new touch screen laptops. Installed on computers in Best Buy and other computer retailers.

The Work: Intel

CUB Plastic Cup

An engaging game that testing skill in ducking, and weaving all while carrying a cup of beer. The person that managed to get to the finishline fastest with enough beer in their cup won a place in the actual race. The actual foot race had 18 people run while holding a beer. The first across the line with 75% of beer in the cup won $100,000.

Carlsberg Game

In 7 days I designed, animated, programmed and recorded audio for this game. It was created as part of a pitch for the advertising account for Carlsberg. The advertising agency was our client. The agency went on to win the pitch.

NAB Celebration Dance. 

Game Sitemap, planning the flow of the game. 

NAB Celebration Game Logic. 

Defining the structure of the game play.