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Strategy + Creative + UX + Design

Creative Director / UX Leader / Art Director / Designer

20yrs of global experience crafting creative and ux solutions designed to improve business. As a leader and an individual contributor I play a key role in ensuring the products are kicking goals across creative direction, design, animation, ux and copy.

San Francisco – As a Creative Director / Art Director I have been involved in many campaigns for Fortune 100 brands. From touch-screen games, to responsive websites, to mobile apps to campaigns that span the range from print, outdoor, online and in-store.

Melbourne – Clemenger BBDO and Cummins & Partners, both great advertising powerhouses – I learnt the power of the big idea, the importance of clarity in communication and the importance of work being filled with passion.

Singapore – Scient, a dotcom, in the early 2000’s, I worked with a team of 100 people as we developed a leading-edge banking aggregation project for Singapore’s largest bank. I lead a small team for 3 years with Bluewave delivering projects for Levi’s, Credit Suisse, Citibank and Maybeline. Before moving to Philips Design (the internal agency for Philips Electronics) where I created remote control interfaces, TV On-Screen-Display interfaces and interfaces for radios, dvd players etc.

London – I worked as a freelance designer, with most of my time spent with Interbrand. Creating websites and strategy presentations.